Persephone Unveiled*

NO ONE can escape change. Even the most stubborn being will succumb to the power of change. Everything in the nature and in the Cosmos should undergo metamorphosis, they need to evolve in order to survive. 

In her “Persephone Unveiled,” Camille Dela Rosa presents the wonderful and terrible power of change. As you all know, Persephone in the myths, is presented as the goddess of the underworld and of spring—both are powerful catalysts of change. In order for immortality to arise, mortality should be sacrificed—hence the power of death to unleash man’s immortal spirit. Spring, on the other hand, is the “resurrection” of everything living that has been dead throughout winter.

Dela Rosa has incorporated in her painting three powerful symbols of change: the fish scale which in different cultures symbolize abundance, depth, wisdom, and mystery. Abundance creates powerful and meaningful changes in one’s life as wealth is equivalent to power, dominion, and somehow, freedom.

The other one is the Flower of Life pendant, one of the most important esoteric symbols known to alchemy, spirituality, and magic. It symbolizes not only the aspects of creation, but also the blossoming of the Consciousness of Man. Moreover, it has become more powerful as Dela Rosa put it inside a Merkabah—the vehicle of ascension of the soul.

Lastly, the rubies, which are part of Persephone’s necklace are also a very powerful symbol of change. Ruby, in crystal magic, symbolizes the sun—the primordial source of power in our solar system and it is the one that causes the changes of seasons. All in all, Dela Rosa’s presentation of Persephone, as a goddess and as a woman, is awesome, wonderful, and mysterious. To fully understand Persephone is to dive into her world and resurrect with her during the springtime of life.

[* An exhibit note for Camille Dela Rosa’s painting, Persephone Unveiled which will be shown abroad. – The Reluctant Kritik]


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