Let’s Swim With Roland Rosacay’s Fishes

Photo courtesy of http://theartphilippines.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Fish-fish.jpg

THE IMAGE OF A FISH holds different symbols. And so is the circle.

Fish is often associated with freedom, abundance, and knowledge. Thus, Christianity made the fish as a symbol of Christ—“Ye are fishers of men.”

For Roland Rosacay, a Piscean artist who hails from Bulacan but now resides in the valleys of San Mateo in Rizal, fishes do not only symbolize abundance but also the mysteries and wonders of life.

One of his works, was a school of fish in a circle.

Circle, for those who are fans of semiotics (the science of symbols), is often associated with the cycles of life and of nature.

The fish within the circle speaks of the ever-ending evolution of life, despite the presence of death.

Death, actually, is transformative. It is a catalyst of change as it frees the spirit from its temporary shell.

The circle also symbolizes the Law of Karma, or the universal law of cause and effect: “What you sow, you reap.

Meanwhile, as fishes often go with the ebb and tide of the sea or the river, they are often associated with the resiliency, adaptability, and determination—the three qualities that men and women should have in order to be successful and survive trials in life.


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