Enchantment: A Glimpse of Maestro Nick Nañgit’s Music

Nick Nañgit
Atty. Nicanor “Nick” Nañgit Jr.: Lawyer, Musician, Spiritual Man

Nick Nañgit is a man who wears too many hats.

First and foremost, he is a certified public accountant and a lawyer who received numerous awards because of his accounting and lawyering work.

Second, he is into the occult and has been a pioneer of Tony Perez’s famous Spirit Questors. Because of this, he understood both the spiritual and mundane worlds, giving him a balanced point-of-view on how a man should interact with nature, with the unseen world, and his fellow human beings.

And third, he is a servant of the muse of music and has been widely recognized as one of the best concert pianist, not only in the Philippines but also abroad.

The Encounter with the Maestro

My first encounter with Nick was a personal one.

Since I am also into spirituality, the occult and the paranormal, our meeting is simply magical since we share the same interests: the enigmatic world of the spirits (high and low); the magic and beauty of Nature; and of course, the healing and soothing power of music.

I have first heard him play, not in a concert hall or in the open field of Paco Park but in the anniversary of Love and Light: The Seekers’ Forum about four years ago. L & L is a group of spiritual seekers convened with one goal: to spread the message of love and compassion, and teaching one another on how to develop one’s spirituality.

The Piano and Nick Nañgit: The Soul Connection

Nick Nañgit 2
Nick plays for Colors of Life last July 31st, 2016

His mastery of the piano is not only superb, but soulfully excellent.

According to his website, Nick did not come from a musically-inclined family.  It is just amazing that young Nick had been hooked to the piano at the tender age of 12 and playing ever since. Because of his inclination to music, he even pursued a music education while taking up law in the University of the Philippines in 1997.

Now and then, whenever he is not working on his book about taxation or not doing some spiritual work, Nick has been performing for different charitable, artistic, and civil society organizations.

Recently, Nick has been in the center stage as the Filipino-Chinese community presented the artistic prowess of the Chinoy children: The Colors of Life in the historic Luneta in Manila.

Listening to Nick’s playing proves what Friedrich Nietzsche has said:

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”


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