Beauty that even rust can never fade: an introduction to the art of Ramon Hizon Lopez

Ramon Hizon Lopez's Sunlight (Photo from Ade Caparas Manilah)
Ramon Hizon Lopez’s Sunlight (Photo from Ade Caparas Manilah)

We’ve only met in Facebook when he chatted with me and hoping that I can buy one of his paintings. My reply is on the negative for I don’t have the money to buy paintings. Most of my collections are gifts from artists friends. However, the art of Ramon Hizon Lopez cannot easily be ignored for he uses one thing to create beauty on a canvas or any material he chose to be the cradle of the works that he would give birth: rust

Rusty Irons and the Things that are Beautiful

Just like what the great Chinese philosopher Confucius said,

“Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it”

Rust Painting 2And Lopez had seen beauty in the rusty irons scattered around his neighborhood.To create pigment, Lopez painstakingly and carefully scrapes and pulverize the rusty cans and other materials. This medium is quite dangerous for rusts are known to cause some serious health problems such as tetanus. But after mixing it with water, the rust pigment is now ready to capture whatever interests the artist: human faces, places, and even occasions.

With every stroke, Hizon is not only transforming rust into a beautiful artwork, but he is trying to convey such one profound message to his audience: one needs to go beyond one the eye can see, and make something beautiful out of things that can be considered as eyesores.

Transformative Beauty

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Aside from his rust paintings, Hizon has had a mastery with other medium too such as acrylic.

His acrylic painting is as much beautiful and as much as valuable of his rust painting for they are messengers of beauty and happiness. Each color, each image, and each line tell a story that are not only appealing to the eyes of the audience but also to their hearts and soul.

Just like the great Da Vinci has said:

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

And Lopez works are indeed poems that can easily be understood and appreciated.


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