Visions of Happiness: Joey Boi Galang and His Creations

The Bulakenyo artist Joeyboi Galang at work. (Photos are from Joeyboi Galang’s files)

He began as a realist painter, Bulacan-based artist Jose “Joeyboi” Galang III shared to this author. However, as time goes by, he had shifted from the realistic into something that resembles magic realism and surrealism (or perhaps a combination of both?) that had given his works a different look, texture, and context. 

There is nothing that an artist can do but to further evolve in terms of his style and the means on how to recreate the beauty that he has seen, either in reality or in his imagination. The development maybe slow, painful, or both; but the most important thing is that you should create your own mark in the annals of artistic history.

Perhaps, many will agree with me: Art is fluid, and either the artist will sink or swim in the fast current of aesthetic evolution. In his evolution as a young artist, Galang seems to coped well. From the cocoon of realistic style, he has gone to be a butterfly on his own style, which is pleasing both to the physical and “metaphysical” senses, for they touch both the mind and the soul of the audience.

The Works that Wash the Dusts of the Soul

What made Galang’s works more interesting is that they are images of happiness, of contentment, of harmony. The positive messages that can be found in his works add up into the aesthetic quality of the pieces, this author may say, hence they become more valuable.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,” says the great Picasso. And without any exaggeration, just simply looking at Galang’s works, there will be a sudden gush of happiness, of tranquility, thus the “dusting” of the soul as Picasso stated, begins.

Everyday, we are bombarded by the media with the images and sound of chaos, of discontent, of lust, and so many other things that complicate and blur the essence of life and our existence; and it is refreshing to see something that reminds us that it in simple things we can find extraordinary joy, and that something can be found in Galang’s works. His “magical” pieces affirm the wisdom of Jonathan Lockwood Huie’s words:

“The essence of life is not in the great victories and grand failures, but in the simple joys.”

The Invitation for Playfulness and to the Belief and Reliving the “Magic”

Moreover, the paintings of Galang seem to invite us to find that inner child, to listen to its wisdom, and to relive the magic of living and existence.

And this author will heed to that invitation for as he writes this short essay, he is now living in the magic of love and compassion, and the happiness that it brings.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Beatriz Marylon A. Luis says:

    Where can we find his paintings?


    1. Hi Ms Beatriz! You can find Mr. Galang on Facebook. Just type in Joeyboi Galang. Thanks for dropping by! Cheers!


  2. Esther says:

    Nice presentation! Very fortunate to have acquired some of his works.


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