Betwixt Dreams and Realities: The Art of Michael Pastorizo

20170428_143847-1“The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don’t know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened,” says African-American novelist, playwright, poet, social critic, and essayist James Arthur Baldwin (02 August 1924 – 01 December 1987).

And looking at the works of Michael Pastorizo, you are being caught between dreaming and waking up, between fantasizing and realizing. And his works are simply like that: mesmerizing, unusual, purely magical.

Perhaps, his works are reflective of his dreams, a glimpse of the secret longings of his heart, or the desires of his spirit soul. But of course, this is just a speculation of this critic.

However, an artwork is always a piece of the artist’s soul, which is willingly given to his audience so that they may understand him, and share with him the ecstasy that he or she felt while creating the work. This is exactly the thing that you will feel gazing at Pastorizo’s works, which are like the shadow of the ever-expanding and the always mysterious Universe.

Notwithstanding the soft colors, Pastorizo’s works are powerful and strong. They are strong as the tender breeze of summer that makes the bamboo grass bow; the grasses and daffodils in the meadows to shake and dance; and it creates soft ripples on the face of the waters of the vast, blue sea. They are strong like the mother’s arms, which are always ready to give you a warm and tight embrace, even though they sometimes they are weary because of the uneasiness and pains of life. They are strong like the moon that affects the tides. To simply put, the secret “power” of this artist is to utilize the power of subtlety.

Without using strong or “shouting” colors, Pastorizo’s works can catch your attention and they will not allow your mind to wander off somewhere else. Your heart and mind will be like a fly caught in the web: it stays there. The only difference is, unlike the fly, you will feel no danger for in truth is no danger—only pure bliss, brought to you by the beauty and splendor of Pastorizo’s handiwork.

And in the coming days, we are expecting more of these beauties from Pastorizo. Just like an expectant lover waiting for his one true love to come to their secret rendezvous, we will also wait, with much anticipation and eagerness, to his future works—works that will again, bring us to that state of dreaming, that state of bliss, which we will still remember on the time that we wake up.


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