Why you should have a website and why you should have it now?

Having your own website is keeping your art business and profession in the race. (Photo sourced from the Internet, used under Fair Use)

So you’re an artist dreaming of conquer the international art scene. But, how come you do not own a website?

We’re living in a highly digitized world and most of the transactions are done with a click of the button. And as an artist, you should grab the opportunity of having yourself known with the use of the internet and by learning e-marketing.

Honestly, it is not enough that you join exhibits or art expositions.

You also need to have an access to a wider market, which can be done through having a presence in the internet. It is not enough to have just a page in Facebook since most of the time, it was your friends, colleagues, and family who show interest in your work, and they are the same people who will click that “Like” button on your page whenever you upload something on that page.

Besides, according to Filipina social media expert and marketer Paula Isaiah L. Panganiban, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are more of a means of communications than an effective marketing platform. Unless you’d boost your social media presence, your Facebook or Instagram page will end up as an “another social media” page. Moreover, clicks and likes do not guarantee sales on your part. On the other hand, you can use these social media networks to expand your network and to establish a more “intimate” connection with your customers or patrons.

You may say, “But I have a Facebook page that can reach thousands of people, why own a website?”

The answer is plain and simple: Having your own website will help your art business to grow and to reach a wider market.

For people to reach your Facebook page, you need to be connected. It means that your page can only be reached if you have a direct or indirect connection in Facebook. In other words, you should be friends or your potential client should be friend of one of your friends.

Another disadvantage of just having a social media page is that whenever they are logged out of their accounts, they can never reach you. Unlike in your website, they can connect with you anytime, 24/7.

Since you can connect your personal email to your website, communicating will be lot easier than on Facebook.

Another advantage of having your own website as part of your marketing scheme is that you can tell your stories there, either through your “About” page or through a blog entry.

Knowing the artist behind the work is very important to clients. Through your life story as an artist, they can connect to you in personal and emotional levels.

You can also put your curriculum vitae in your website, alongside with your art portfolio.

Your website can also be used a platform in documenting your progress as an artist.

Since you can embed a video on your webpage, people will able to see how your work is being done.

How about the costing?

Having your own website today is very cheap.

There are lots of webhosting companies that offer affordable webhosting packages.

If you’re having trouble of what to put in your website, you can ask some web content specialists and web designers to help you put up your website. That would entail additional cost, but I am telling you—it would be worth every penny!

To become a successful artist and to grow your art business, you need to shell out some money for your marketing and promotions; and having a website of your own will help you achieve your goal to be a world renowned artist, although you haven’t had a big show overseas.


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