I have been away from blogging for too long, and I can feel that I need to go back in the soonest possible time. Aside from art reviews, I will be publishing interviews now and even some take about the pressing issues in the art and culture today. Stay tuned…

Saying ‘Goodbye’ and the works of Monnar Baldemor

“When you leave home to follow your dreams, your road will probably be riddled with potholes, not always paved in happy Technicolor bricks. You’ll probably be kicked to the ground 150 million times and told you’re nuts by friends and strangers alike. As you progress you may feel lonely or terrified for your physical and…

Anafe Nemenzo’s humans and mandalas

She calls herself as sexy artist. In fact, she is. And Anafe O. Nemenzo shows her “sexiness” through her works, since those art pieces are always rendered in full, vivid colors.

When the heart can truly see: a review of Kita Kita

Perhaps, Sigrid Andrea Bernardo is an alchemist of sorts, for in her latest movie, Kita Kita (roughly translated I See You) she has had turned “lead” into “gold”. Of course, we all know she’s not. To be honest, it is a gem among Filipino movies, especially in the Filipino romantic comedy (romcom).