Art: Why Do I Write About It?

A confession of an [almost] art junkie

I never called myself an art critic. For me, it is a vert heavy hat to wear, knowing that I do not have the academic training to call myself an art critic. All I know is that I love art, culture, literature, and anything in between.

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The love for family, community, and Pinoy culture, and the art of Ida Robles

Ida Robles 3
Ida Robles’ paintings are based on her love for her daughter, her desire to preserve local culture, and to immortalize the memories of the things that are truly Filipino. (Photo courtesy of Ms. Ida Robles)

“I don’t have any inkling that I would become a painter,” said furniture-designer turned painter Ida Robles during our interview for the magazine that I was formerly editing. Continue reading “The love for family, community, and Pinoy culture, and the art of Ida Robles”


I have been away from blogging for too long, and I can feel that I need to go back in the soonest possible time.

Aside from art reviews, I will be publishing interviews now and even some take about the pressing issues in the art and culture today.

Stay tuned…

Saying ‘Goodbye’ and the works of Monnar Baldemor

Monnar in Paris
The official announcement of Monnar’s exhibit in Paris, 21 September 2017. A preview will be on September 2nd, at The Artologist Gallery (but this is by invitation only).

When you leave home to follow your dreams, your road will probably be riddled with potholes, not always paved in happy Technicolor bricks. You’ll probably be kicked to the ground 150 million times and told you’re nuts by friends and strangers alike. As you progress you may feel lonely or terrified for your physical and emotional safety. You may overestimate your own capabilities or fail to live up to them, and you’ll surely fall flat on your face once in a while,” wrote Kelly Cutrone, the founder of People’s Revolution, a fashion public relations, branding, and marketing firm Continue reading “Saying ‘Goodbye’ and the works of Monnar Baldemor”

Anafe Nemenzo’s humans and mandalas

Anafe Nemenzo. (Photo courtesy of the artist herself)

She calls herself as sexy artist. In fact, she is. And Anafe O. Nemenzo shows her “sexiness” through her works, since those art pieces are always rendered in full, vivid colors. Continue reading “Anafe Nemenzo’s humans and mandalas”

Honoring her heart, her being, and the things important: The art of Ysa Gernale (Santos)

Ysa Gernale the artist
The artist Ysa Gernale-Santos

There are three things that I cannot live without – the beauty that surrounds me; the truth in my heart; and the good things that Universe and the humanity have to offer.

The art of Ysa Gernale-Santos is indeed, one of the good things that the Grand Architect of the Universe and humanity are offering and I am going to accept it, willingly and whole-heartedly for they truly reflect her experiences and realizations, first as a Filipino visual artist, second as a mother, and lastly, as a human being that struggles to live a life that is full and meaningful, not only for herself but for those whom she loves so dearly. Continue reading “Honoring her heart, her being, and the things important: The art of Ysa Gernale (Santos)”

When the heart can truly see: a review of Kita Kita

The poster of Kita Kita which the author has photographed in Robinsons Place Antipolo. 

Perhaps, Sigrid Andrea Bernardo is an alchemist of sorts, for in her latest movie, Kita Kita (roughly translated I See You) she has had turned “lead” into “gold”. Of course, we all know she’s not. To be honest, it is a gem among Filipino movies, especially in the Filipino romantic comedy (romcom). Continue reading “When the heart can truly see: a review of Kita Kita”

Villa Milagros: A Gem at the Heart of Rodriguez, Rizal

The majestic Villa Milagros (Photo taken with Oppo F1f)

I am always fascinated with old things, old houses, and historical places. For me, they are repository of memories—bitter and sweet.

Memories are what we made of. In fact, according to a science article, memories can be passed on for 14 generations through our DNA. And in the Municipality of Rodriguez (formerly Montalban) in the Province of Rizal, there was a beautiful, old mansion that houses the memories of a family—the Liamzons. Continue reading “Villa Milagros: A Gem at the Heart of Rodriguez, Rizal”

Dotted beauty: the works of Rodolfo “Dolpee” E. Alcantara Jr.

Alcantara in a 2016 photo containing his artist statement
RODOLFO “DOLPEE” EMPLEO ALCANTARA JR. an artist from Angono, Rizal. (Photo used with permission from Mr. Alcantara)

Predominantly, the first thing that you would notice with Rodolfo “Dolpee” Empleo Alcantara Jr.’s works was his modified pointillist style of painting. He utilized the dots to create and recreate the beauty that surrounds him. Continue reading “Dotted beauty: the works of Rodolfo “Dolpee” E. Alcantara Jr.”